Eyelids / Cosmetics

Eyelid growth removal

Our eye surgeons care for your eyelids as well as your eyes.  We can remove growths on or around your eyelids.  We may choose to send the removed tissue to a pathologist who can examine the sample under a microscope.  This way, we can report to you a precise diagnosis and/or be sure that the entire lesion is removed.

Eyelid lifts

The eye surgeons at Eye Physicians of Washington also perform eyelid blepharoplasty, or “eyelid lifts.”  Oftentimes, heavy or droopy upper eyelid skin runs in families.  You may notice that it is bothersome or that it gets in the way of your side vision, much like an awning over a window.  Your eye surgeon would be happy to discuss any eyelid concerns with you during your visit.


During a consultation for droopy upper eyelids, your physician will measure your eyelids and their function.  You may be asked to participate in a “visual field test,” or a test that formally measures how much your eyelids get in the way of your peripheral, or side, vision.  To perform this test, a small light is repeatedly flashed before each of your eyes.  When you see the light flash, a hand-held button is pushed.  The test is repeated, then, with your upper eyelids held up to simulate your vision with your heavy eyelid skin removed.

Prescription eyelash growth enhancers

We also offer prescription treatment for increased eyelash growth, or Latisse.


Our physicians additionally perform Botox injections to reduce fine facial wrinkles.  As trained physicians in orbital anatomy, we are well-suited to assist with your cosmetic needs.

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